​​​​Leland  Sharp

Leland's journey in the world as an accredited artist, came late in life. When the opportunity presented itself for him to discover his own worth, he abruptly dismissed the nay-sayers and decided to focus on the possibilities that the art world presented. Moving forward, he began to see things with more understanding and clarity hence, the bold move from New York to Los Angeles. After 10  years of pursuing a variety of different artistic endeavors, he was finally able to turn within and locate his place in which to create. He first started by painting historic Icons that he admired and loved, and by the time he finished, his talent had become more than apparent to his fellow artist and clients alike. His philosophy is simple: LOVE

I was born in Harlem, New York and raised in multi-cultured area in Jamaica Queens, my initial encounter to what would cultivate the outcome of my destiny, was a velvet abstract portrait of Malcolm X. The intensity of the portrait spoke to me, and I was moved to replicate its likeness. It was in this moment my family felt that I had been blessed with an artistic gift.  I was also very fortunate to be mentored by such legendary artist as, jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers, (Big Band Leader) Illinois Jacquet, and my legendary godfather, vocalist Brook Benton. Often I've been called "The Renaissance Man," as I've enriched the world over time through various forms of Graphic Design, Screen Writing, Music Production, Photography, Hair Design, Interior Decorating, and Special Event Coordination,and club promotion.
My artwork has been commissioned by a variety of celebrity clientele: Eddie Murphy, professional basketball player Byron Russell, Kadeem Hardison, Mekhi Phifer, Wesley Snipes, Terrell Owens, Heavy Weight Champs: Lamon Brewster & Mike Tyson, Kevin Hart, Legendary vocalist Dionne Warwick, Mos Def and R&B Vocalist Tank, just to name a few.

​ "In all my years and countless paintings that have been created, I have yet to finish a project and not look at the my next work with a new perspective each time. I consider myyself nothing less than a chronicler of the human condition.